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NOOOOoooo!!! Ozzie Guillen bashes Twitter, says he’s done tweeting forever

Whether he’s praising Fidel Castro or hating on Twitter (watch the video above), Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is always good for an entertaining quote. That’s why we can barely hold back our tears long enough to get through this post.

If the video wasn’t enough confirmation, Ozzie has apparently entered the last tweet of his life. His very last word was, “bueno suerte” which means “good luck” in English.

Good luck for what, Ozzie!? If you’re really done tweeting, we have no reason to live.!/rosenbrandon/status/203245299899187200

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! "@OzzieGuillen: my last tweet. me ultimo tweet good luck buena suerte."

— Cassandra (@liberalclass) May 17, 2012

And we all lose. RT @SBerthiaumeESPN: Ozzie has resigned from Twitter. #Marlins RT/ @OzzieGuillen: me ultimo tweet. buena suerte.

— sportsfrog (@sportsfrog) May 17, 2012

I will pay @OzzieGuillen to tweet!

— Cédrick Catalán (@RickCedWhat) May 17, 2012

@OzzieGuillen First Chicago, now Twitter?! Why do you keep leaving me?! I can change!

— Don Anderson (@Nosredna_Nod) May 17, 2012

@OzzieGuillen Ozzie, WHY? Since this is your last tweet I don't expect an answer but WHY??

— Ted holtzclaw (@teddyvh) May 17, 2012

If that's really @ozzieguillen's last tweet, twitter is now a worse place 🙁

— Clemente Bastidas (@ClemenAlberto) May 17, 2012

Ugh! We’re gonna curl up in a ball and cry until our eyes run out of tears.

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