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Not over: After officer shot, protesters head back to Ferguson police station [photos, video]

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Report to #Ferguson PD asap. We need y'all here. Not there.

— brittany. (@bdoulaoblongata) September 28, 2014

Meanwhile at the police station… “@deray: Police advance. #ferguson

— Antonio French (@AntonioFrench) September 28, 2014

It’s half past midnight in Ferguson. A police officer has been shot. The suspects are still on the loose. But agitators are still agitating. The night is young and there’s so much more trouble to stir up.

#Ferguson Protesters vow to shut things down. Police preparing to talk to media away from protesters.

— Nicholas J.C. Pistor (@nickpistor) September 28, 2014

Outside #Ferguson police station

— Umar Lee (@STLAbuBadu) September 28, 2014

Ferguson protestors tonight across from police station

— Elliott Davis (@ElliottDavisTV) September 28, 2014

#Ferguson – head to the police station. Cop shot. Man possibly murdered. Answers and questions. Thanks @dellmaj7th

— Based Writer (@skinnyjeanius) September 28, 2014

MANACLES OF JUSTICE: Capt Ron Johnson has arrived at #Ferguson police station where protesters have gathered.

— Ambuli Victor (@AmbuliVictor) September 28, 2014

The police said that as long as we stay on the sidewalk we can be here all night. We'll see how long that lasts. #Ferguson

— brittany. (@bdoulaoblongata) September 28, 2014

No end in sight.

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