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Oh dear: Rep. John Lewis tries to appeal to Asian American voters, Gangnam style

Our beloved Congressman John Lewis goes Voting Gangnam Style.Watch it.

— Hamilton County Dems (@HCDemsTN) October 20, 2012

Voter advocacy groups 18 Million and Rising and the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center teamed up with Georgia Rep. John Lewis for a “Gangnam Style”-inspired video encouraging Asian Americans to vote (for Democrats).


Ummm.Okay.Politics aside, do you think this will be an effective campaign strategy?Or is there such a thing…

— Casey Jordan (@DrCaseyJordan) October 22, 2012

Effective? No. A bit frightening? You bet.

Creepiness of Lewis’ dancing notwithstanding, the video seems to have gone over pretty well:

If John Lewis can do this, we can get out the vote. Hilarious! “Congressman John Lewis – Voting Gangnam Style.

— C Walker-Barnes (@drchanequa) October 20, 2012

The video of @repjohnlewis “voting Gangnam style” really does delight me so much:…

— Molly (@mollym75) October 20, 2012

Election2012 #CLUTCHState You have to love Rep. John Lewis Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ for the vote #TakeYourSoultoThePoll

— Kirk Clay *Energizer (@KirkClay) October 22, 2012

@elaheizadi: cool of civil rights hero, Rep. John Lewis 2 dance Gangnam style 2 promote the vote. digging his dance!

— Jay Hutchins (@GoJayHutchins) October 22, 2012

Though one liberal is vowing to do the unthinkable if the incessant “Gangnam Style” parodies don’t let up soon:

Can we put this Gangnam Style garbage to rest already? Dear God, I’ll even vote republican if we agree to do this.

— hollyw0Od (@hollyw0Od) October 21, 2012

This Twitterer took the opportunity to comment on Lewis’ political record:

Lewis is more talented at dancingthan being a…

— Stephen Vasil (@Stephen_Vasil) October 22, 2012




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