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Oh my: Zimmerman trial judge and Chris Farley separated at birth? [photos]!/ePaulMiller/status/355675588536700931

Does the late, great Chris Farley have a long lost sister? Could Judge Debra Nelson be Chris Farley? As always, the Twitterverse is on it.!/KatMcKinley/status/355705101555466241

Chris Farley sighting:

Playing the judge in the Zimmerman trial.

#zimmermantrial— Palin Supporter (@palinsupporter) July 12, 2013!/kevinbrueck/status/355524676715413506!/tahDeetz/status/355370819947470849!/PatNasty24/status/355336007840841728!/WallyCuadra/status/355561801968128000!/HitNMisanthrope/status/355395200413220864

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