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If this report is true, Megyn Kelly’s first interview for NBC is EMBARRASSING


We’re seeing reports that Megyn Kelly’s first interview for NBC has leaked, and it’s embarrassing for the former Fox New star: Megyn Kelly to sit down with Kardashians for first NBC interview — The Hill (@thehill) April 30, 2017 // Why, Megyn, Why? Earlier reports suggested she was attempting to score an interview […]


Avoid inadvertent racism; Memorize these #ColinPowellCodeWords!/TheH2/status/290592911245062144 As Twitchy reported earlier today, Colin Powell (who endorsed Barack Obama in part based on race) attacked the GOP as a bunch of raaaaaaaacists for using raaaaaaaaacist “code words” to appeal to raaaaaaaaacist voters. Obviously, none of us wants to be branded a racist. You already know not to say the obvious epithets.  But […]


The Secret History Of Britney Spears’ Lost Album

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Ten years ago, Britney Spears said she was working on an album called Original Doll, but her label denied its existence. The search for Britney’s “lost album,” and the freedom that still eludes her. View this image › An imaginary cover for Original Doll, inspired by fan art. Elizabeth Arden / Christina Lu / BuzzFeed […]


Martha Plimpton wants Justin Bieber in a G-string, sort of

,!/pulmyears/status/477212886276657154 Just how far are we supposed to take this gender equality thing? Hopefully no further than Justin Bieber’s clown pants.!/MarthaPlimpton/status/477213239327997952 Please.!/mmmPi/status/477213416155648001   Read more:


This Artist Recycled Old Mechanical Parts To Create Something Amazing.

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or, it’s his giant steampunk turtle sculpture. If that second man is Indonesian artist Ono Gaf, at least. Using discarded metal junk, Gaf created something that you’ll have to see to believe. You’ve never come across a reptile like this before, that’s for certain. The thing must weigh […]


How many foreign nationals contributed to Obama’s campaign?

, , ,!/Diddley_Squat/status/492041932382535680 It’s hard to keep track of all the scandals and chicanery that have occurred within the Obama administration but you may remember the stories about the Obama campaign making it easy for foreign nationals to contribute his campaign. Here we have at least one Canadian openly admitting to contributing to Obama’s campaign. Makes you […]


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