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President ‘I and me’ always ‘whips out the we’ for problems!/2old2white2male/status/516327063456722944

The old saying is “success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.” President Obama has a different version though. For him, success has one father (him) but failure is always distributed.

People are starting to spot a pattern in his use of pronouns. Credit tends to be singular but blame is always plural.

Barack Obama: We underestimated ISIL | AP Photo

— POLITICO (@politico) September 28, 2014

We? Got a mouse in your pocket?

@politico we? …you.

— Army Actor (@AAJAQUITS) September 28, 2014

Obama loves the words "I" &"me," but when not admitting this massive mistake. "@politico: Barack Obama: We underestimated ISIL."

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 28, 2014

@IngrahamAngle @politico Of course. All gmthe glory none of the responsibility. He's no leader if he can't accept responsibility for failure

— Britt (@FaithBased92) September 28, 2014

.@politico Obama says "WE" underestimated Isis(L), but it was "I" and "me" when Osama was reputed to be put down.

— Scott Allan (@commonguy123) September 28, 2014

"I think THEY underestimated what had been taking place in Syria" MT @politico: Barack Obama: We underestimated ISIL

— Roland Bailey (@champbizzle24) September 28, 2014

@WayneDupreeShow what bullshit – HE underestimate ISIS – not WE – WE informed him years ago and HE looked the other way

— Mike (@Banshee308) September 28, 2014

@Banshee308 @WayneDupreeShow My thoughts exactly. Obama uses "I" in almost every sentence, but switches to "we" when it comes to blame.

— cj kunz (@tpcjk) September 28, 2014

@AAJAQUITS @politico LOL….funny how many times he uses "I" when discussing wins….. but whips out the "we" for problems…

— Laura McGinnis (@Txsleuth) September 28, 2014

@Txsleuth @politico it's definitely one of the signs of a great leader.

— Army Actor (@AAJAQUITS) September 28, 2014

@politico: Barack Obama: We underestimated ISIL | AP Photo” "We" LOL?

— Rick Tapia (@rtvision3) September 28, 2014

@politico Who's we?!? Don't you mean you @BarackObama underestimated #ISIS Stop making excuses. @CNNnewsroom @msnbc @60Minutes

— Sal (@SundevilSal) September 28, 2014

But *I* got bin Laden. RT @politico: Barack Obama: We underestimated ISIL ht @joelengel

— Razor (@hale_razor) September 28, 2014


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