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Protesters in Murrieta chant, ‘The race united will never be defeated.’

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In Murrieta , Calif., pro-amnesty forces reportedly chanted “La raza unida jamas seran vencida,” which, according to CNN, translates as “The (Latino) race united will never be defeated.”

Some liberals have argued that the Spanish phrase “la raza” has nothing to do with race.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson disagrees:

“[The] organization’s very nomenclature ‘The National Council of La Raza’ is hate speech to the core. Despite all the contortions of the group, Raza (as its Latin cognate suggests) reflects the meaning of ‘race’ in Spanish, not ‘the people’ — and that’s precisely why we don’t hear of something like ‘The National Council of the People,’ which would not confer the buzz notion of ethnic, racial and tribal chauvinism.”

Liberal racism. Yes, it’s a thing.

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