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‘Really?’ Samantha Power advised to avoid ‘regurgitating Vox headlines’


That U.S. has confirmed that a missile brought down a Malaysia Airlines 777 plane in Ukraine yesterday, killing all on board. “Voxsplained” the horrible loss of innocent lives this way:!/voxdotcom/status/490123556802797569

Many couldn’t believe Vox made the comparison:!/mmscout/status/490135438892355586!/MegEJones/status/490126385772781569!/Dan_H/status/490131546645348352!/johnnykrisma/status/490137011563425792!/M_Meaux14/status/490140635899248642

However, a short time later, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power tweeted something very similar:!/AmbassadorPower/status/490152561089863681

Is Power a Vox reader or is that a total coincidence?!/TimJankowski4/status/490164918696419330!/mountainofyah/status/490161503849697280

A government official citing Vox? What could possibly go wrong?



How’s Samantha Power’s transmission to Vladimir ‘working out’?

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