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Reps. Justin Amash, Mike Pompeo hold off challengers

, , ,!/AOSHQDD/status/496828503107854337

Ace of Spades HQ Decision Desk is in with the results of tonight’s elections in Kansas and Michigan.!/AOSHQDD/status/496829495559856128!/AOSHQDD/status/496834540166721536

Drum roll, please:

So, the winners:
#kssen Roberts
#ks4 Pompeo
#mi1 Benishek
#mi3 Amash
#mi4 Moolenaar
#mi8 Bishop
#AOSHQDD— AOSHQ Decision Desk (@AOSHQDD) August 06, 2014!/AOSHQDD/status/496837613127733248


Sen. Ted Cruz sends congratulations.!/tedcruz/status/496846588791492609

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