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Sick: Civilian bus bombed in Tel Aviv; Celebratory gunfire rings out in Gaza

Reports of celebratory gunfire are coming in from Gaza after terrorists bombed a civilian bus in Tel Aviv today.

Loudspeaker in central #Gaza announcing news of bus bomb in Tel Aviv, praising Hamas. Heard what sounded like celebratory gunfire.

— benwedeman (@bencnn) November 21, 2012

We are seeing reports out of Gaza that Hamas is celebrating the fact that a bomb exploded on a bus this afternoon in Tel Aviv.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 21, 2012

LISTEN Celebratory gun fire in #Gaza after news of Tel Aviv Bus… #Israel #Telaviv

— Jon Donnison (@JonDonnison) November 21, 2012

Am sure when they stop the celebratory gunfire in Gaza they’ll be disappointed that 1. Wasn’t a suicide bomber 2. No death toll #deathcult

— Jude Addleson (@Jaddle) November 21, 2012

Two bombs were planted on a bus near the Ministry of Defense, but only one exploded. It appears civilians were the target; injuries range from moderate to severe. Some ceasefire, huh?

The blown-up bus…

— Noga Tarnopolsky (@NTarnopolsky) November 21, 2012

Police saying 15 injured, 3 seriously in #Telaviv blast #Israel #Gaza

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) November 21, 2012

Police: bus explosion caused by a bomb left on bus, no suicide bomber #Israel #Gaza #Jpost

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) November 21, 2012

Chief of #Israel police said ‘we knew terrorists would attempt bombings, we’ve deployed hundred of police #Gaza #Jpost

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) November 21, 2012

At scene of bus bomb in #TelAviv #israel Witnesses say man climbed on bus and threw bomb on board

— Debbie Randle (@DebsR) November 21, 2012

The target of the terrorist bombing was a regular metro bus and its civilian passengers, not the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

— Ofir Gendelman (@ofirgendelman) November 21, 2012

Another bomb,which did not explode,was found on the bombed bus in Tel Aviv. The police is combing the area for the terrorist who planted it.

— Ofir Gendelman (@ofirgendelman) November 21, 2012

MDA: all of the wounded were evacuated toa nearby hospital.

— Ofir Gendelman (@ofirgendelman) November 21, 2012

Police asking ppl to stay away from central #TelAviv. Terrorist who placed bus bomb still at large.

— Noga Tarnopolsky (@NTarnopolsky) November 21, 2012

There are reports that Hamas took credit for the attack, but wrongly called it a suicide bombing.

Channel 2: #Hamas takes credit for Tel Aviv bus bombing, says it was a suicide attack.

— Avi Mayer (@avimayer) November 21, 2012

#Hamas claims responsibility over loudspeakers in #Gaza

— Paul Danahar (@pdanahar) November 21, 2012

Hamas took credit for ‘suicide bomber’ before finding out their guy chickened out and just tossed bomb on moving bus. No virgins for him.

— Allison K. Sommer (@alkapsom) November 21, 2012

Shortly after the attack, Hamas tweeted:

We told you #IDF that our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are, “You opened the Gates of Hell on Yourselves”

— Alqassam Brigades (@AlqassamBrigade) November 21, 2012

Other reports suggest Fatah is claiming responsibility.

Tel Aviv bus bombing, carried out by Fatah, an important reminder that many Palestinian “moderates” are in fact terrorists.

— Noah Pollak (@NoahPollak) November 21, 2012

#Fatah‘s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade apparently claiming credit for Tel Aviv bus bombing. #Israel (h/t @charles_lister)

— Grant Rumley (@Grant_Rumley) November 21, 2012

More images from the scene in Tel Aviv:

#Telaviv bus that was blown up just now #Israel #Gaza #Jpost

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) November 21, 2012

FIRST PICTURES: 15 injured, including 3 in critical state, bombing of a bus in Tel Aviv……

— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) November 21, 2012

Pic: Bus bomb in Tel Aviv. 10 injured #IsraelUnderFire…

— israelunderfire (@israelunderfire) November 21, 2012

Bus just towed , police checking for findings…

— halfon (@hmeravi) November 21, 2012

I condemn the horrendous bombing attack on a Tel Aviv bus & wish a full & swift recovery to the many wounded. Terror will not defeat us.

— Michael B. Oren (@AmbassadorOren) November 21, 2012

Twitchy will monitor this developing story and update as more information about the attack becomes available.


The Israeli Ministry of Public Security is not yet releasing information about which terrorist group was responsible for the bus bombing.

Pub. Security Min: We have indications about which terror org. is responsible for #Telaviv attack, no further details #Jpost #Israel #Gaza

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) November 21, 2012

As far as I know no acceptanceof responsibility for Tel Aviv attack on Hamas official media since mosque speakers claimed it for therm.

— Paul Danahar (@pdanahar) November 21, 2012

The bomber is still at large.

Police spox said they’re still searching for suspects, said no arrests made (as of five min ago) #Israel #Gaza #Jpost

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) November 21, 2012

Reports indicate as many as 23 people were injured.

Police raise to 23, number of injured in Tel Aviv bus bombing. Also, seeing reports Al-Aqsa Brig claimed responsibility. #Israel

— Michael Omer-Man (@MikeOmerMan) November 21, 2012

Two teenagers sustained the worst injuries.

The most severely wounded victims of #Telaviv bus bombing are two teenagers (Ichilov Hospital) #Israel #Gaza #Jpost

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) November 21, 2012


The White House and Hillary Clinton call the bombing a “terrorist attack.”

SecState Clinton, now in Cairo talking w/Morsi, also condemns what U.S. is branding a “terrorist attack” on a Tel Aviv bus

— West Wing Reports (@WestWingReport) November 21, 2012

WH on Tel Aviv “terrorist” attack: “attacks against innocent Israeli civilians are outrageous.  The United States will stand w … Israel”

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) November 21, 2012

Are they sure it wasn’t a spontaneous protest of a YouTube video?


Another image of the bus bombed in Tel Aviv today, via the IDF:

Photo from the scene of the bus bombing in Tel Aviv this afternoon…

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 21, 2012

Today’s bombing is likely have an impact on ceasefire talks.

Israeli MFA: The bombing in Tel-Aviv will complicate the international efforts to reach a cease-fire in Gaza

— Barak Ravid (@BarakRavid) November 21, 2012

And some wonder if the Tel Aviv attack will hasten an Israeli ground offensive against Gaza.

Struggling to see how Israel avoids a ground invasion if there really was just a bus bombing in Tel Aviv, which seems to be the case.

— DavidKenner (@DavidKenner) November 21, 2012

Breaking: Terror Attack Near Israel’s Defense Center Makes Ground War More Likely via @breitbartnews

— Joel Pollak (@joelpollak) November 21, 2012


The IDF shares a video of Hamas TV celebrating the news that Israeli civilians were targeted in the bus bombing.

VIDEO – #Hamas TV After Tel Aviv Bus Bomb: “God Willing, We Will Soon See Black Body Bags” RT so that everyone sees.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 21, 2012

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