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Sideshow sadness? Reuters suggests Obama teared up over Benghazi during presser [photo]!/redsteeze/status/334002665732333568

During this morning’s joint presser with British Prime Minister David Cameron, a reporter had the nerve to ask President Obama a question about Benghazi. Obama has a tendency to get testy when confronted by the specter of Benghazi, but this time, was he so upset, he could cry?

This picture of a watery-eyed POTUS seems to be all the evidence Reuters needs to determine that Obama is bummed over Benghazi:

Reuters says Obama shed a tear over #Benghazi today, and has picture to prove it

— Jill Lawrence (@JillDLawrence) May 13, 2013

The caption accompanying the photo:

A tear runs down the face of U.S. President Barack Obama as he answers questions about the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya while Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron listens during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, May 13, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Awww …

Look at drudge cover picture…the press made Obama cry. Don’t you feel sorry for him?

— Kay Shan (@KHShan) May 13, 2013

The tear of a clown.



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