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Baby, you’re a piece of work: Katy Perry shows how ‘climate change is hurting kids’ [video]

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Move over, Bill Nye. We’ve got ourselves a real scientist! Still skeptical about man-made climate change? You won’t be after you hear from someone who really knows about this stuff: Wow. We had no idea she was so well versed in the ways of science. Well, that’s it. We’re convinced! That was cute, Katy. Sorry, […]


Ezra Klein floats weakest global warming analogy ever?

, , ,!/RyanLGustafson/status/420413601216598016 The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein does have a point. This week’s cold snap doesn’t by itself disprove global warming. We just wonder where Klein has been every time someone blames global warming for any day it’s hotter than usual out.!/rudymcilvai/status/420413762924208128!/tonypetrovsky86/status/420411941773778944!/deans_/status/420415368029827072!/DrewMTips/status/420412197085249537!/JustinMcAleer/status/420412554100617217!/DubeJohnr/status/420415258386128896!/ctsotsoros/status/420413085036208128!/StephenMaxner/status/420413233871081472 It seems the science is settled […]


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