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16 People Who Have Absolutely No Idea How To Handle Themselves On Planes

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Next time you’re complaining about your middle seat in coach, remember that you’re better off than these people. There are so many things that people should never do on planes, but that doesn’t stop passengers from ruining the experience of every single person around them. Whether they take their shoes off or talk incessantly, these […]


A Camera Fell Out Of An Airplane And Was Found 8 Months Later. You Have To See What It Captured.

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A Go Pro camera is a special kind of video camera that is made specifically for sports. It can capture fast movements in slow motion, there is stability control and it’s durable. Although, until recently, I didn’t realize just HOW durable it was. A group took their Go Pro with them on a small plane. […]


An Unlucky Airplane Passenger Proves Why You Shouldn’t Joke About Ebola.

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There are a few things you should never, EVER say on a plane. Talking about guns is frowned upon. Mentioning bomb is right out. And Ebola? Also bad. An emergency medical crew in hazmat suits rushed on to a plane after a man sneezed and yelled “I have Ebola!” in an apparent prank. The flight […]


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