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Bargain bin win! Best use for Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’? [pic]

, ,!/toddstarnes/status/418909272073064448 Ha! And as Twitchy readers know, you won’t even have to pay much for it! You see, Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” is now being sold at a steep discount: $1.00. But, hey, there is a bright side (aside from the delicious schadenfreude):!/iowahawkblog/status/420186452119404544 Zing!!/SHannitysHair/status/420187656048607232!/JayCaruso/status/420187985233985536 Snicker. So there’s that? Thanks, Al Gore! […]


Actor Nick Searcy trolls Al Gore over #PeoplesClimate tweet

, , ,!/KatiePavlich/status/513723432690012160 We had to expect at least a few tweets from climate change hyper-hypocrite Al Gore today, and Gore delivered. Proud to march with @ClimateReality at today's #PeoplesClimate march. Let your voice be heard: — Al Gore (@algore) September 21, 2014 While actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo were front and center at […]


‘A new selfie’: Al Gore gets a Shining polar vortex makeover [Photoshop]

, ,!/PascalFervor/status/420348079963791360 It seems that the frigid temperatures in many parts of the country have even overtaken Mr. Global Warming himself:!/weknowwhatsbest/status/420347248820498432 Perfect!!/mrsowens2000/status/420348941478395904 Read more:


Will ManBearPig be a part of Al Gore’s ‘new reality’?

, ,!/TJMadN/status/506846641518047233 We’re guessing this wasn’t meant to be funny, but we think it’s downright hilarious:!/algore/status/506844080006262785 “Reality.” Right. This coming from a fraud who made millions by peddling delusions to the masses.!/fintymac/status/506844434936627200 Still waiting on word from him. *** Related: Twitchy coverage of Al Gore Read more:


Al Gore uses cartoon to explain why freezing is a sign of warming

, ,!/BruvverEccles/status/427867998901129216 As parts of the country sit in an ongoing deep freeze, Al Gore hears comments like these every day:!/oneofakind88/status/427888912824930304!/janellecashh/status/427887690466332672!/AJ_Tolbert/status/427888670532579328 In response to the mockery, Al Gore tweeted a link to a cartoon explaining things to the “climate deniers”:!/algore/status/427865030554836993 We’ll save you some time and sum up the cartoon Gore linked […]


Al Gore: ‘There’s an enforced orthodoxy’ in the GOP over climate change

, ,

Gore to @davidaxelrod on Rubio & Paul’s climate change skepticism "When you say there’s strain in GOP, there’s an enforced orthodoxy in GOP" — UChicago Politics (@UChiPolitics) May 12, 2014 In a presentation at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics Monday, Al Gore told David Axelrod that when it comes to climate change, “there’s […]


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