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‘F*ck it, I quit!’ Alaska reporter quits on air to support legal marijuana

, , , , ,!/lisapalaska/status/514040095335149568 Now, is this really the best way to quit a job? Stick around for the priceless look on the other anchor’s face: O_O – @ktva reporter quits live on air (NSFW): @Independent — Lizzuendo (@Lizzs_Lockeroom) September 22, 2014 Don’t worry, as Greene already has another gig. From the Alaska Dispatch News: Reporter […]


‘Line of night’: Dem Senator says ‘The president’s not relevant’

, , , , , ,!/kerpen/status/525125689440468992 Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) went where Alison Lundergan Grimes couldn’t. He copped to voting for Obama but with a caveat. ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich confirms he did vote for Obama. "I did, but that's irrelevant. The president's not relevant. He's gone in two years" — Rebecca Berg (@rebeccagberg) October 23, 2014 Mark Begich to […]


A Skier Miraculously Survives A Fall That Should Have Been Fatal

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Ian McIntosh was being filmed for a project called “Paradise Waits” when things went very, very wrong. The professional skier was in the Neacola range of Alaska when, during a run, he tripped over an unseen five-foot-deep trench. From there, he fell 1,600 feet. This is NOT what you want to happen. OMG. Miraculously, he […]


This Boy Is Going To Go Blind. See What He Wanted One Of His Last Sights To Be.

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Ben Pierce is 9 years old and about to go blind. His eyes did not develop properly after being born prematurely. Before he loses his sight, he has some things that he wants to see. Thanks to Alaska Airlines pilot Chris Cice, he was able to see the Northern Lights, which was a must for little […]


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