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Amanda Carpenter shreds MSNBC for shameless lie about Ted Cruz

, , , , , ,!/amandacarpenter/status/417630614448136192 But, “real journalists” and stuff! The always awesome Amanda Carpenter watches “Morning Joe” so you don’t have to. Monday morning, she called out the lying liars who lie for this shameless falsehood about Sen. Ted Cruz.!/amandacarpenter/status/417630786120998912 Unbelievable? Nah, totally believable coming from the hackiest hacks in all of hackdom.!/MmePB/status/417634539595247616 Bingo!!/amandacarpenter/status/417631265030823936 This […]


Praise for Brit Hume’s eloquent and hopeful pro-life commentary [video]

, , , ,!/amandacarpenter/status/426130002930053120 The March for Life descended on Washington D.C. yesterday with tens of thousands coming out in support of the pro-life cause on the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.  Conservative commentator Brit Hume gave the cause some hope in a short segment that aired yesterday evening on Fox News’ “Special Report.”!/SenTedCruz/status/426136496371163137 […]


Fixed it for you! Equal Pay Day finally gets the name it deserves

, , ,!/amandacarpenter/status/453570770506375168 How ’bout both? The myth that a woman makes just 77 cents for every dollar a man with the same experience earns — for equal work — has been thoroughly, repeatedly debunked. And yet here we are again, watching the dishonest Obama administration’s pitiful attempt to spin away the White House pay gap as it tortures the data […]


The end of the affair? Michael Moore declares ‘Obamacare is awful’

, , , , ,!/amandacarpenter/status/418770166772944896 Uh-oh … has Michael Moore lost that lovin’ feeling? In a recent New York Times op-ed, the hardcore lefty took Obamacare to task, bemoaning the ACA’s “rocky start,” which includes “clueless planning, a lousy website, insurance companies raising rates, and the president’s telling people they could keep their coverage when, in fact, not all could.” […]


‘Sick over what’s happening in Iraq’: Amanda Carpenter blasts Obama admin

, ,!/amandacarpenter/status/477055221655678976 Heartbreaking.!/amandacarpenter/status/477055453357441024 Ted Cruz adviser Amanda Carpenter retweeted this:!/jimgeraghty/status/477051898105966592 Perhaps Obama will read about it in the newspaper … or at NRO: Al-Qaeda, the Obama administration has told us repeatedly, is on the path to defeat. Now it’s literally on the road to Baghdad. This week, al-Qaeda in Iraq, now known as ISIS, retook Iraq’s […]


‘Infuriating’: Amanda Carpenter wrestles with insurance marketplace

, ,!/amandacarpenter/status/406361813794979840 Amanda Carpenter is a speechwriter and senior communications advisor to Sen. Ted Cruz, which makes her a Senate staffer. Therefore, she’s compelled to sign up for health insurance through the Washington, D.C. health insurance marketplace. (Speaker John Boehner tried signing up last week and declared the effort a “train wreck.”) Carpenter’s experience hasn’t been much […]


Amanda Carpenter notices something about Sunday shows’ coverage of Ted Cruz

, ,!/amandacarpenter/status/435116083276558336 Two networks independently bashing a conservative with the same talking point? What a shocker.!/amandacarpenter/status/435116208757567488!/amandacarpenter/status/435116391801159680 Indeed.!/ChuckNorton1/status/435119159857270785 Read more:


HHS claims success; Check out new front page [Photoshop]

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Mission accomplished! RT @ZekeJMiller: Obama Administration: ‘We Have Met the Goal’ of Fixing Website — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) December 1, 2013 Snort-worthy. As Twitchy reported, the debacle known as was “revamped” and is supposed to be working for the “vast majority” of people. Except, you know, it’s still causing headaches. But, hey! Tout it […]


‘I Look Down On Young Women With Kids’: Feminist pens ‘worst blog post ever’

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Must be heartbreaking for every accomplished woman who is married and has kids to learn she'll never be exceptional. — Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) January 25, 2014 A post over at Thought Catalog is generating a lot of buzz, which isn’t surprising, considering the provocative title: “I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And […]


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