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‘Where do I turn my guns in?’ This cartoon will TOTES change your mind about gun control [pic]

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Oh yeah. It doesn’t get any sadder than this: Wow.That is, like, so deep. How do we even begin to navigate something so incredibly profound? But more than anything, we should be thanking the gun control brigade for showing us the error of our horrible, Second Amendment-respecting ways. Read more:


People waving American flags near Calif. high school called ‘racist’

, ,!/lonnyonline/status/463326861922037761 Today is Cinco de Mayo, and a display of American flags was organized near a high school in Morgan Hill, California, which was the site of controversy four years ago: The case began in 2010, when four boys wearing t-shirts bearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo, when the school was decked out in […]


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