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‘Wheel of Awesomeness!’ Sajak scores with SOTU snark, Ricochet podcast [pics]

, , , , , , , , ,!/e_shizzle/status/427595812647206914 “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak continues his trend of Twitter domination! His latest tweet offered up some hilarious State of the Union snark:!/patsajak/status/427483467383709696 Beautiful.!/HarrietBaldwin/status/427485123122962434!/dawnmh73/status/427640234780925952 Win. Sajak also scored with his appearance on a live Ricochet podcast.!/ElenaLathrop/status/427642889791754241 It’s dusty in here, too. It was Ricochet’s 200th podcast and was recorded […]


MJ Rosenberg uses Fort Hood murders to attack Andrew Breitbart; Deletes tweets

, , ,!/MelissaTweets/status/451522721021566976 MJ Rosenberg, anti-Semite former Media Matters writer, ex Democrat staffer and current HuffPo blogger, used Wednesday’s Fort Hood murders as a disgusting opportunity to attack the late Andrew Breitbart. The first tweet Rosenberg deleted reveals his continued flat-out hate for Breitbart (screen shot via Gateway Pundit): The tweet’s subsequent disappearance was noticed:!/buddylovejr/status/451531529177415681 Ah, […]


‘A brawler for truth’: Andrew Breitbart remembered on birthday

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It's Breitbart's birthday. Don't let the pandering party hacks undo all he worked for. #KruiserFeelings — SFK (@stephenkruiser) February 1, 2014 Andrew Breitbart is being remembered today on what would be his 45th birthday. Happy Birthday Andrew Breitbart. Gone too soon. @HatingBreitbart — Lisa (@LCinquanti) February 1, 2014 Happy Birthday Andrew Breitbart.. You are dearly […]


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