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This Hummingbird Was On The Brink Of Death, And You’ll Never Believe Who Saved It

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When you think of animal rescue, you typically think of humans rescuing dogs and cats, right? Well, get ready for a story that will turn every idea you once had about animal rescue on its head. Ed Gernon went to a rescue facility and met a dog that he absolutely had to adopt. After filling […]


This Dog’s Injuries Were Beyond Horrific…Weeks Later, I Can’t Believe It’s Him!

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When the great people at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about a street dog hiding in an abandoned basement of a building, nothing could prepare them for the horrific scene they were about to come across. The critically injured dog was lying lifeless on the floor when they found him, seemingly just wanting to […]


Awe-Inspiring Recovery Of A Dog Practically Turning To Stone Due To Terrible Mange

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When the kind people at Animal Aid Unlimited heard about a stray dog suffering from severe mange, they knew they had to help the poor pup. However, nothing could have prepared them for just how bad the dog’s condition really was. Her skin had become so hard that it was almost like she was turning […]


She Endured Such Abuse By Previous Owners That All She’d Do Was Stare At The Wall

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It’s almost too sad to think about what happened to this dog that made her so fearful of humans when rescuers found her. Angel was abused so harshly that when she was first rescued, all she would do was stare at the wall. She didn’t want to look at any of the people who were […]


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