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This Elephant Thought Her Human Buddy Was Drowning And Rushed To Save Him

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Dad Cannot Even Get A Word In When His Husky Throws This Adorable Tantrum

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Pet owners sometimes call themselves pet parents, and sometimes, animals act just like kids. They can be stubborn, they can destroy things, and they can even throw tantrums. Just ask Zeus the husky’s owner, who dared ask if he wanted to go on a walk. Zeus erupted in adorably defiant howls. Dad couldn’t even get […]


Baby Plays The Most Adorable Game Of Hide And Seek With His Furry Best Friend.

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As we proved a few months ago with this post, pets are usually pretty terrible at playing hide and seek. But that was before we had ever heard of Sebastien. Watch as the super friendly giant Newfoundland is challenged to a game of hide and seek by his adorable little owner, Sierra. Think he’ll end […]


A Man With Way Too Much Free Time Created Awesomeness In His Backyard… For A Squirrel.

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What happens when you have way too much free-time on your hands and a few hungry squirrels in your neighborhood that like to roam your garden in search of food? Well you build an elaborate squirrel obstacle course of course! If that premise isn’t enough to make you want to watch this entire video then the […]


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