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Mayor claims conservatives have engineered the animosity against Berkeley, wonders if he were white

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Ann Coulter’s speech that was supposed to have beendelivered at UCBerkeley Thursday night was canceled(allegedly for safety reasons), rescheduled by the school once a “protected venue” was found, and then canceled again, but protesters are already descending on the city. Some banks in town, remembering what happened whenrioters marched through the city after forcing the […]


Brit Hume says Brat win will hurt GOP without immigration reform

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How can @brithume claim that #Amnesty is not the ultimate goal, and that it is an "epithet"? #teaparty knows #Immigration "reform"= #Amnesty — Thomas Paine (@ThomasPaine5) June 11, 2014 Fox News’ Brit Hume warned that tonight’s upset by David Brat will help the Democrats and hurt the GOP long-term “because immigration reform will never pass” and […]


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