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One Man Found The World’s Most Hipster Vending Machine In Portland

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At the Paymaster Lounge in Portland, Oregon, one man recently found the least mainstream vending machine of all time. (Portland is, after all, a hipster haven.) Instead of finding sodas, candy bars, and chips, he feasted his eyes on items that could easily make up an early adopter’s starter pack. The hipster-friendly machine was filled […]


14 Times Adorable, Innocent Little Children Were The Absolute WORST

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I love kids. But I don’t have any tiny terrors running around, so that’s probably half of the reason I enjoy their company so much. Most parents love their kids no matter what, but we can imagine that even the most devoted moms and dads become a little worn down…especially when incidents like these occur. […]


24 People Who Really, Really Don’t Know How To Park Their Cars

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Let’s face it — we’ve all executed bad parking jobs at one point or another. I admit that I’ve parked a little over the line sometimes, but there’s a big difference between a slight misalignment and blatant idiocy. For example, I’ve had my driveway completely blocked by someone who decided that finding a spot anywhere […]


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