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NORAD scrambles F-15’s to investigate ‘unresponsive aircraft’ over Atlantic; Updated

, , ,!/markknoller/status/507935329022930944 NORAD has been tracking a plane that was reportedly scheduled to fly from New York to Florida. The plane has flown well past its scheduled destination and authorities can’t reach it by radio.!/NoradNorthcom/status/507933412758667264!/NoradNorthcom/status/507937429379371008 American F-15’s stopped following once the plane entered Cuban air space:!/NoradNorthcom/status/507943286301286400!/Chris_Chmura/status/507943623577440256!/writerdude/status/507947307371737088 We’ll update this story as […]


‘Even more pathetic than usual’: The Atlantic asserts that guns ’cause’ suicide

, , , ,!/ButchStout1776/status/446735567816892416 Yeah, well, we’d expect nothing less from The Atlantic:!/TheAtlantic/status/446733666123653120 Derp.!/oldcitybrewing/status/446736892210728960 Here’s the actual headline of the article: They probably should’ve tweeted that instead. At least that would’ve been better than the “cause a suicide” nonsense.!/renewabelle/status/446734367805960192 Too late — no take-backsies! Twitchy is forever, and The Atlantic’s stupidity is out there for […]


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