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Aww, that’s CUTE: Kamala Harris tweets about defending values, is torched BADLY by Conservatives

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It’s always funny when Democrats like Kamala Harris talk about values … like they have any. When every day brings a new attack on our values, its up to us to be vigilant in defending the cause of justice, equality & tolerance. — Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) April 2, 2017 // Ugh, could she be any […]


This Has Got To Be One Of The Worst Ways To Die — Poor Spider

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Making mistakes is a part of life for people and animals alike, but some flubs have much deadlier consequences than others. Take the fishing spider, for example. Instead of catching prey in a web, it usually sits right at the edge of a body of water, then attacks when it detects ripples from movement. While […]


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