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This Hooded Wooden Figure Is Beautiful And Mysterious.

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Paul Kaptein is a different kind of artist. Hailing from Australian, Kaptein works with laminated woods to create unconventional (and at times unsettling) sculptures of people. For the most part his work focuses on the themes of death and impermanence. Much of his work incorporates hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) in some way. They are often depicted as sad and […]


This Australian Artist Is Making Beautiful Things With MS Paint

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Like, seriously beautiful things. 1. Sydney-based artist, Miranda Lorikeet – also known as Lazy Bones – is doing pretty, pretty things with every ’90s kid’s favourite accessory, Microsoft Paint. View this image › Via Putting the work of every other part-time Paint-enthusiast to shame. 2. About a year ago, Miranda started playing around with […]


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