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An Elephant Was Minding His Own Business When He Saw A Goat Then Things Got Hilarious

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Out in the wild, it’s very rare for an elephant and a goat to cross paths. They live in different regions and climates. That’s precisely why when an elephant calf found itself on protected parkland in Nepal with a tiny goat, the big baby was startled (to say the least). As soon as this elephant […]


Elephants Do The Most Precious Thing Every Time They See This Sanctuary Worker

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Need a boost to help you power through your work week? Check out this adorable video of a group of elephants rushing over when they see their best friend — a tractor driver named Darrick, who works at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Every morning when Darrick gets to work, a younger elephant named […]


Rescued Baby Elephant Plays With A Ribbon At A Park. My Heart Just Melted.

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At the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand a recently rescued elephant named Faa Mai was given an elastic ribbon to play with. You might not think that elephants (or animals in general) have feelings. When you see what little Faa Mai did, it will keep you smiling for hours…! (via TwisterSifter) Elephants are extremely intelligent and sensitive […]


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