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Human Pretends She’s Drowning, Cat Appropriately Loses Its Mind

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This Baby Elephant Had Been In The Bath A Bit Too Long…So Mom Decided To Do THIS!

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Some days, it can feel like every little thing in the world is against you. No matter what you try to do or how simple a task might seem, it’s like there’s always something standing in your way. For this baby elephant, that frustrating task was getting into the bathtub for his morning rinse. It […]


Dad Caught Singing A Funny Song To His Son During Bath Time.

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When this mother heard weird sounds coming from the bathroom, she decided to grab her phone and film what was happening. What she found was her husband singing a song in a hilarious Elmo-esque voice to their son during bath time. As she captured this precious moment, the dad just kept on singing, none the wiser that it was […]


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