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Batty Bette Midler wishes you a Happy Plastic-Free New Year!!/BetteMidler/status/418185941090451456 When a Hollywood actress tweets about plastic, one can be forgiven for mistaking it for the other kind of plastic.!/Ecky_Thump_TV/status/418209812749778944!/Sophie__K/status/418186206649004032 New Year’s revelers took a moment to keep things in perspective for Mizz Midler.!/RachelleFriberg/status/418260976446603264!/GayPatriot/status/418261513825447936 Exit question:!/GayPatriot/status/418260956515663872 Read more:


Bette Midler envisions location of Summer Olympics due to ‘climate change’

, , , , ,!/babs721/status/514054014657646592 Bette Midler is sounding the alarm that “climate change” is getting worse, and as you can see many agree in their own unique ways. What could the future hold? UB meeting this week to discuss Climate Change after hottest summer ever. At this rate we'll be holding Summer Olympics in Antarctica soon.. — Bette […]


Bette Midler praises John Boehner after ‘clean’ debt limit increase

, ,!/BetteMidler/status/433719874674642944 On Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved a “clean” debt ceiling increase. For Bette Midler, it was a terrific example of bipartisanship. This might sum up how many conservatives feel:!/vcforlife/status/433777732988596224 Read more:


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