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Too LITTLE, too LATE! Matt Yglesias’ Bill Clinton epiphany impresses NO ONE

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Stop the presses! Vox and Matt Yglesias have something they’d like to share with the class: Bill Clinton should have resigned — Vox (@voxdotcom) November 15, 2017 /cdn-cgi/scripts/0e574bed/cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js We debated the wrong Monica Lewinsky scandal. It should have brought Bill Clinton down. — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 15, 2017 Welcome to the […]


Bill Clinton and Mark Pryor usher in ‘the day the selfie officially died’ [photo]

, , , , ,!/altoemike/status/519187865407062016 Politics is serious business: Seen on C-SPAN: @BillClinton and Sen. Mark Pryor take a selfie #ARSen — CSPAN (@cspan) October 6, 2014 What exactly do those two knuckleheads have to smile about? Powder blue shirt guy is a perfect example of the type of people who are impressed by school girl shit […]


Heh: Is this what Bill Clinton was really saying in befuddling photo tweet?

, , ,!/stefanjbecket/status/450849516942802944 As Twitchy reported, Bill Clinton tweeted out a photo as an April Fools’ Day gag, which confounded many. Others weren’t so confused.!/wgstweets/status/450850319228862464 Gasping! And one wise Twitter user revealed what Bill Clinton was really saying in the photo:!/CuffyMeh/status/450971876399915008 Oh, Twitter. How we love thee. Related: Bqhatevwr: Bill Clinton confounds with April Fools’ […]


You seriously will not believe the award just given to Bill Clinton [pics]

,!/SaintRPh/status/433439950474706944 Ah, the continued fawning over Bill Clinton’s “feminist” accomplishments despite his “indiscretions.” Is there a bigger elephant in the Democratic Party room that showcases the hypocrisy of liberals and feminists? The latest example just blows us away. Big Bubba and his foundation were honored with a Woman’s Day award.!/mikitaburton/status/433405533425778688 The honor is called […]


‘Obama won’t be amused’ by Bill Clinton’s reason to vote for Hillary (but you will be)

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Bill Clinton’s campaigning for Hillary in New Hampshire, and the former president spelled out who needs help in this economy: Is that so? Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! That does sound awfully familiar! Read more:


‘Takes pandering to a whole new level’: Hillary will ‘get to the bottom’ of UFOs

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We know that if Hillary Clinton is elected she’ll get to the bottom of the big issues: If there are potential payers of exorbitant speaking fees anywhere in the universe, the Clintons will find them! Read more:


Chelsea Clinton fears her baby will live on a ‘planet without elephants’

, , , , , , , , ,!/ensignbay/status/514568909895114753 Yes, pampered liberals really say things like this: Chelsea Clinton Fears Her Baby Could Live on a 'Planet Without Elephants' — This Week (@ThisWeekABC) September 24, 2014 From ABC News: If there is one thing Chelsea Clinton is most worried about, it may be that her soon-to-be child will grow up in a […]


‘Dying’! SCOTUS’ Aereo ruling deals ‘Bill Clinton’ a devastating blow

, , , ,!/mooshakins/status/481803795517964288 This morning, the Supreme Court ruled against internet service Aereo:!/gabrielmalor/status/481802346817921024 From NBC News: Launched a year ago in New York and then extended to 10 other U.S. cities, it allows customers to watch over-the-air TV programs on a smartphone, tablet, or computer for as little as $8 a month. Selections can be viewed […]


NYT editor on 2016: ‘Let me be clear, we have not chosen Mrs. Clinton’

, , , , , ,!/BDJonesInCO/status/417768733130510336 New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal wants it known that the paper hasn’t yet endorsed any candidate in the 2016 presidential race … not even Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto doesn’t seem convinced.!/jamestaranto/status/417808701047578625 Let him be clear: Rosenthal didn’t know anything about the Times’ piece on Benghazi […]


Arkansas’ former first lady: Miss. state flag is ‘symbol of hate’

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Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today praised the University of Mississippi for taking down the state flag with its Confederate emblem, which she now calls a “symbol of hate.” CNN reports that the NAACP“was in the process of organizing a march in two weeks to pressure the university administration to take down the flag immediately” but […]


‘I was born a poor, black First Lady’: Hillary is down with ‘the struggle’ [video]

, , , , , ,!/ChrisBarnhart/status/476005624459718656 OK, kids. Grab your hankies, because this may be the saddest thing you’ve ever heard: Clinton: ‘We struggled’ to make ends meet after leaving the White House — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) June 9, 2014 Oh, the humanity!!/JasonBWhitman/status/476008132099862528 It’s real, all right: Poor Hillary … literally! Oh poor Hillary…she just needs to […]


‘Worst campaign ad in the history of politics’ spawns ‘Dramatic Mitch’ clip

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This is the worst campaign ad in the history of politics with the creepiest opening I've ever seen. h/t @FilmLadd — Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 11, 2014 Really? The worst campaign ad in the history of politics? It might not get Sen. Mitch McConnell re-elected, but it did produce this “Dramatic Mitch” clip. Dramatic […]


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