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Robbery, shooting at Kohl’s in Romeoville, Illinois; Several injuries reported [photos]

, , , , , ,!/NickRevell317/status/406331534526799872!/abcWNN/status/406325850166943744 Local Chicago media and witnesses at the scene reported a shooting and several injuries at a Kohl’s retail store in Romeoville, Illinois late last night. Many immediately associated the incident with Black Friday shopping madness.!/ajzilli/status/406331196042260480!/kmkroski/status/406331859782471680 But according to one witness, shoplifters fleeing the scene were shot at by police.!/noel_first_noel/status/406279138828632064!/noel_first_noel/status/406280461975945216 […]


NYT asks for comments about Black Friday; ‘Disease, doom and death’ ensues

,!/exjon/status/406509909182648320 The New York Times asked readers what “Black Friday” means to them.!/verumserum/status/406509748255604736 John Sexton of tweeted out some of the responses, which are nothing short of … completely expected:!/verumserum/status/406512151063318528!/verumserum/status/406513517877932032!/verumserum/status/406515685431341056!/verumserum/status/406518422852222976!/verumserum/status/406518920359604224!/verumserum/status/406520027978801152!/verumserum/status/406520378287087616!/verumserum/status/406521741905649664!/verumserum/status/406524160337133569 There are more on Sexton’s feed @VerumSerum. Sexton later noted:!/verumserum/status/406525431114776576 So some of […]


A Few Hilarious Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Baby Black Friday Shopping

, , , , , , , , ,

Thanksgiving is great — you’re surrounded by family, friends, and copious amounts of food. But the day after, dubbed Black Friday, when stores throw their doors open for epic sales, produces mixed feelings among many. Some choose to ignore the great deals in fear of getting trampled for the last flatscreen TV. Others feed off […]


Customers want to know if their weed dealers are having Black Friday sales

, , ,!/THEREALtweez215/status/406337738888458240!/kirstireuter/status/406124076738953216!/ratchetnewlin/status/406180415750537216 Burning questions. Literally.!/_LourdesAndrea/status/406327916642181120!/PopeSloth/status/406275229896286209!/_ExcuseMeMolly/status/406264461142802433 This guy’s ready to be hired by the #Brosurance ad executives.!/beeffyyy/status/406244573929668608 And here’s a Common Core poster boy.!/ThorHammerBerto/status/406287111445164032 The editors of the Marijuana Times put down their joints for a sec to weigh in.!/Marijuana_Times/status/406143624385028096 We’re pretty sure this dude is blowing statistical smoke. […]


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