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Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton #ACM get-ups cause hilarious confusion

, , , ,!/trisnicole/status/452983257793957888!/radical_rissa/status/452983284897554432 It soon all made sense to confused viewers of the #ACMs when “Daft Punk” was revealed to be show co-hosts Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton having a little fun:!/msbeheyven84/status/452984373323644928!/KrisGutierrez/status/452984101587283969 They might have resembled the Daft Punk robots, but Bryan and Shelton apparently had a little trouble breathing in those helmets:!/Kris_Gates/status/452983304925745152 […]


‘Not impressed’: How Blake and Luke reacted to Ariana Grande at #IHeartRadioAwards [photo]

, ,!/rayeesuh/status/462042826201505792 Country singers Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan were spotted during young pop star Ariana Grande’s performance at the I Heart Radio music awards show tonight. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words.!/krembry/status/462033091523928064!/tayhay1/status/462032731275153408!/SaluteSwift/status/462039862569607168!/srsly_psycho/status/462032612572160000 Read more:


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