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Visually Impaired Photographer Takes Stunning Photos Of Paralympians

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When people talk about photographers, they often say that these creators “have an eye for it.” Photographers are often celebrated for allowing those of us on the outside the chance to observe everything from a new vantage point. It’s always a privilege to see through an artist’s eyes. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); And one photographer […]


This LEGO Design Is Helping Blind Children Learn And Play Just Like Other Kids

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When you wake up, do you immediately look at your phone? It’s almost reflexive for millions of people around the world at this point to check Facebook likes, work emails, and Twitter mentions before the day even begins, but imagine waking up and not being able to see that phone of yours. Imagine waking up […]


He Was Adopted And Returned To The Shelter For This Heartbreaking Reason…

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Two years ago, three cats were left in an abandoned warehouse in Dubai. The brother and two sisters were blind and faced certain death had their rescuers not found them. They went into foster care and the brother, Blue, was actually adopted… But when he couldn’t find his sisters, he became […]


What They Created Helped A Blind Artist See Himself For The First Time

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Art is almost singular in its ability to turn visual experiences into moments of introspection. Although it’s first and foremost thought of as being a visual medium, any creator will tell you that the process is equally as affirming as staring at the finished product. Just ask artist George Wurtzel. He’s been a woodworker for […]


Blindy The Blind Penguin Learns To Swim (And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever)

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Because this penguin was born blind, Blindy has had a tough life. At only 12 weeks old, the poor thing lost its family. Without help, Blindy surely would’ve died in the wild. Fittingly enough, however, a woman named Shireen Helps decided to lend a helping hand. Now living at the woman’s penguin sanctuary in Flea […]


A Loving Cat Helps His Best Friend, A Blind And Partially Deaf Dog, Get Around.

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True friendship knows no barriers, it knows no boundaries. A true friend is always there for you, and that is certainly true for this pair of unusual BFFs. Trevel is an old farm dog that is blind and partially deaf. He was afraid to leave the safety of his bed due to having been abused […]


Printer Turns Photos Into 3D Objects So The Blind Can Relive Memories.

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Is there a way for those without sight to relive memories captured in a photograph? That was the question Pirate3D asked when they initiated their Touchable Memories experiment. The initiative aims to help the blind physically re-experience visual memories using 3D printers. The Singapore-based company uses 3D printers in this project to create sculptures from photographs. This […]


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