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The Dog Is In No Mood To Play Fetch, But Watch What The Little Boy Does — So Cute!

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Most dogs are happy to play fetch all day, every day, but sometimes, even the most energetic pups just want to relax. In this funny clip, a pampered pooch sits on the couch as his favorite little human tries to make him play. After throwing the ball across the room and doing his very best […]


After Being Separated For 9 Months, A Mother And Her Son Have An Epic Reunion.

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Military protocol was no match for one little boy’s love for his mom during an emotional family reunion. Kathryn Waldvogel waited patiently in line for dismissal after serving nine months in Afghanistan with the National Guard’s 114th Transportation Company. Her 3-year-old son Cooper, however, couldn’t wait to be in her arms. As the soldiers waited […]


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