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Super-woke fetus who is by no means a person shares its tax hike proposal with Slate

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Well, this is interesting.Just when it looked like the phenomenon of woke toddlers sharing their insights on the Trump administration had been killed off with the help of Chelsea Clinton, Slate decided to up the ante by publishing a piece by “A Fetus.” It’s funny, because progressives have been arguing that late-term abortion should be […]


So much FAIL: Paul Ryan will need EXTRA balm for this BURN about the budget from Jesse Kelly

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When Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) is right, he’s right. Don’t tell him we said that … And while some of his lists are questionable (he thinks cold pie is superior to warm pie, can you imagine?!) this tweet about Paul Ryan and the disastrous ‘budget’ the GOP and Democrats came up with is spot freakin’ on. […]


What She Does With Something She Found At The Dollar Store Will Impress You

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working at ViralNova, it’s that decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to force yourself into bankruptcy just to create a chic space to call home. If you don’t believe me, check out all of these craft ideas! From large and luxurious […]


Congress reaches budget deal to avoid shutdown scenario

, , , , , , , , ,!/nancycordes/status/410546808935288832 Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray held a joint press conference Tuesday evening to announce a two-year Congressional budget deal that would not raise taxes and would reduce the deficit by $23 billion. Compromise was the name of the game, according to both Ryan and Murray.!/ShannonBream/status/410548295552229377!/ShannonBream/status/410548669042421760!/ShannonBream/status/410549158849019904!/EmilyMiller/status/410551441125036033!/michellemalkin/status/410548869781413888 ABC News’ […]


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