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When I First Saw This, I Thought I Was Going Crazy. Then I Realized What It Really Is…

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This unique cabin nestled in Joshua Tree in California’s Mojave Desert is really something else. Mirrors were added to the walls and windows to create the illusion that you can see right through the cabin, making it seem half transparent at times. The 70-year-old abandoned shack acquired and re-appropriated by artist Phillip K. Smith III […]


Where Most People Saw An Old, Rotting Cabin, He Saw A Work Of Art

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Have you ever met someone and wondered how one human being could possibly accomplish so much? Whether that person’s your boss, your relative, or your friend who has a penchant for inadvertently making you feel inadequate, being around jacks of all trades is as inspiring as it is complicated. One person who would undoubtedly make […]


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