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What This Guy Did With A 1967 Airstream Will Make You Entirely Jealous

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Many people dream of hitting the open road in a tricked-out camper, but few people actually do it. But when Reddit user Jomini777 got the opportunity to go to school across the country, he decided to make one of his other dreams come true. He bought an old Airstream trailer and began taking it apart. […]


This Is The Coolest Invention Ever From The 70s. Why Did This Never Catch On?!

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The 70’s were a time of all sorts of nifty inventions, some stuck like pocket calculators and microwaves while other inventions were a bit too out there and didn’t really take off, like water beds. This mini-camper that could attach onto the roof of small cars to give the driver incredible maneuverable is one idea I wish had […]


Docile Deer With A Donut On Its Antlers Stops To Say Hi To A Camper.

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A friendly deer caught a camper by surprise during a trip in Snake River Canyon, Wyoming. The deer stopped by to say hello with a powdered donut on one of its antlers. The only explanation that makes any sense is that Bigfoot placed it there as a practical joke. (Source: Ben Lzicar) I bet this was […]


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