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Love! Melissa Joan Hart’s awesome Candace Cameron Bure book placement [pic]

, ,!/JodyLarmour22/status/440666482729422849 Actress Candace Cameron Bure thanked fellow actress (and fellow Twitchy favorite) Melissa Joan Hart for her tweet about Bure’s book “Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose.”!/MelissaJoanHart/status/440652537025146880 Perfect! How apropos is that book placement? Talk about life balance! Could it get better than that? This Twitter user noticed something else awesome about […]


Full Hilarity! Candace Cameron ‘Bure wine’ gets Andrea Barber drunk? [pics]

, ,!/MARKAREESE33/status/432454595982671872 And yet another reason to love Twitter! As Twitchy readers know, the cast members of “Full House” have remained the best of friends. Twitter users are often delighted by their hilarious banter. Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber are no exception:!/Ashley_R_1992/status/380547011604668416 Adorable. The BFFs had a slumber party Saturday night and took it […]


Not just ‘appalled’: Candace Cameron Bure ‘sickened’ by ‘disgusting’ ISIS beheadings

, ,!/KalinaMcDaniel/status/506888517491101696 ISIS has reportedly beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff.!/GlynetteSimoes/status/506888705584279552 After James Foley’s brutal beheading, the White House was “appalled.” The National Security Council feels the same way about Sotloff:!/DylanByers/status/506874366412353536 But actress Candace Cameron Bure is much more than appalled:!/candacecbure/status/506888203291222016 Unlike Jen Psaki, Bure is willing to put labels on ISIS’ barbarism. Maybe Obama will, too — if […]


Video: HLN host suffers feminist meltdown; Candace Cameron Bure responds

, ,!/1hospitalitea/status/421569523309748224 Here we go: Another feminist freak-out over actress Candace Cameron Bure. Earlier this week, Bure told HuffPost Live that, as her book explains, she intentionally takes a more “submissive” role in her marriage. “The definition that I’m using with submissive is the biblical definition,” she said. After supposedly pro-choice feminists went nuts over Bure’s choice, […]


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