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8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe Over The Holidays

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Holidays are a joyous time of year for us, but the sparkly decorations, delicious-smelling food, and noisy guests can be a sensory overload for our furry friends. Luckily, we’ve found eight tips to help keep your pets safe, healthy, and happy during the Christmas season. Before I saw these tips, I had no idea how […]


If “Friends” Had A Scented Candle Line

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Could this aromatherapy BE any better? 1. English Trifle View this image › Thinkstock Fragrance profile: A mix of fresh green peas, aromatic country raspberries, and woodsy sautéed beef.Great if you like the smell of: Feet 2. Yemen Splendor View this image › Thinkstock Fragrance profile: Undertones of musty perspiration are layered with sharp, ultra-feminine […]


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