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‘Becoming a Bond villain’: Jim Geraghty shreds billionaire Bill Gates’ complaints about capitalism

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Claims that Bill Gates made in a recent interview about the need to address climate change are funny in so many ways: In an interview with The Atlantic, Gates said that capitalism will not save the planet from climate change doomsday. National Review’s Jim Geraghty wonders where capitalism did Gates wrong: What would Gates’ warning […]


Larry Elder describes ironic encounter with Sanders t-shirt salesperson

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As conservative radio host Larry Elder described, NOBODY takes a better stand against capitalism than certain fans of self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders: Ha! Just incredible. At least nobody mentioned underwear. Read more:


ICYMI this MTV star flogged climate marcher Leo DiCaprio with one photo

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@Chet_Cannon Mr. Eco-imperialist, lecturing the poor in developing countries to avoid using fossil fuels he needs to power his private jet — Muffy Allah Móde (@MuffyAllah) September 22, 2014 To whom could that Twitter user be referring? Why, ultra-hypocrite actor Leonardo DiCaprio, of course! As Twitchy reported, DiCaprio attended the “People’s Climate March” on Sunday […]


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