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These Photos From A Rattlesnake Roundup Will Make Your Skin Itch

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All across America, different states have unique, and some might say wacky, traditions. In many southern states, there is a particular tradition that will probably give you the creeps, though. We bring you the rattlesnake roundup. If you’re not familiar with these reptilian spectacles, let’s go on a tour of one together… Rattlesnake roundups (also […]


Mass Electrocution At Haiti Carnival Kills At Least 20

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Electrical wires fell on a float during a parade in Port-au-Prince. Officials in Haiti canceled the last day of carnival and announced three days of mourning. At least 20 people died after an electrical wire collapsed onto a packed float during carnival celebrations in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, an official said. / Via iamtico/Instagram […]


The CDC knew about the Ebola threat on the Carnival ship on Oct. 15.

, , , ,!/Shroomcam/status/523113212603301888 Oh, my. If you didn’t think trust in government could get any worse, think again. Check out the statement put out by Carnival Cruise Lines from earlier today that states the CDC told Carnival on October 15 that one of their ships was carrying a health care worker from Dallas who had been possibly exposed […]


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