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You’ve Taught Your Kids To Never Get In A Car With Strangers, But Do They Listen?

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One of the most terrifying things parents have to watch for is someone trying to kidnap their little ones. From as early as I remember, my mom and dad drilled into my head that under no circumstances should I ever get into a car with a stranger. I followed that rule implicitly, and assumed that […]


24 People Who Really, Really Don’t Know How To Park Their Cars

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Let’s face it — we’ve all executed bad parking jobs at one point or another. I admit that I’ve parked a little over the line sometimes, but there’s a big difference between a slight misalignment and blatant idiocy. For example, I’ve had my driveway completely blocked by someone who decided that finding a spot anywhere […]


27 New Car Features That Prove We’re Living In The Damn Future

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Your next car is going to be something incredible. View this image › Taco Ekkel (Flickr, Creative Commons), Thumbnail via Steve Concotelli/Time Machine Restoration Team 1. Built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots for always staying connected on the road. View this image › Buick Why It’s Cool: A growing number of manufacturers like Buick, GMC, and […]


You Need To See The Crazy Moment A Porsche Lands On Another During A Race

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Listen. No car crashes are funny, especially when those cars are speeding around a track, but you have to admit that what happens in this video is kind of amusing. And judging by what you’ll see below, it doesn’t look like anyone got hurt. Anyway, as they were hurtling around the […]


Not Only Is This A Dream House, It’s Also Full Of Something Awesome.

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This multi-million dollar mansion isn’t just a multi-million dollar mansion; it’s an automobile showroom, too. You technically don’t have to be a car lover to want to live in this dream home, but it sure would help. The only way a car enthusiast could love this house more is if it had wheels. Then again, […]


Want A Luxury Car? You Don’t Have To Buy One. You Can Build It.

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Chinese engineers Wang Yu and Li Lintao are dedicated car lovers. Some might even call them crazy about cars. Why? For the last four years the pair has dedicated their lives to building an exact replica of a Lamborghini Diablo by hand. In total they spent around $228,000 on building their dream car, which is now road-worthy. (It also […]


Watching This Person Try To Parallel Park Is A Nightmare. Please Take Their License.

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Watching this video will immediately bring two questions to mind: “How did this person become a licensed driver?” and “Really?” (repeated throughout). In this miserable motorist’s defense, parallel parking is a lot more difficult than, say, driving down the open highway, but, you know what? Nothing can defend this ludicrous display of poor parking. Unless […]


The Moment This Father Realizes What His Son Did Is Priceless. Get Out The Tissues And Watch.

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When a child makes a promise to their parents, usually they are full of good intentions, even if they know they can’t fulfill said promise. This man was only 8 years-old when he promised to do something for his father. Now, years later, he ensured that he made good on what he said when he was a little boy. […]


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