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Need To Relax? Watch This Adorable Time-Lapse Of Kitties Catching Some Rays!

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Wahey! Summer is fast approaching and the sun is starting to warm up, brightening our days. But while us humans are running round buying BBQs, trying to find those perfect summer clothes, and slathering ourselves in sticky sunblock, our feline friends are taking it easy by chilling and soaking up those rays. A perfect example […]


Don’t Let Dogs Have All The Fun This Halloween! These 20 Kitty Costumes Are Perfect

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Sweet Cat Can’t Get Enough Scratches From His Owner’s Beard

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Beards are more functional than you might think. For example, they are great for giving cats some much-needed scratches! Just look at the blissful expression on this cat’s face as his owner uses his short, fuzzy beard for a little TLC. His feline friend loves it so much that he responds with adorable kitty kisses! […]


22 Times People Broke Their Cats Simply By Putting Things On Their Heads

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We love snuggling and cuddling up with our little animal buddies, but sometimes it’s more fun to mess with them. It’s just too easy to trick their tiny brains! And their hilarious reactions are always worth it. Especially when it’s these cats who can’t figure out what is happening when something is placed on their […]


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