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Josh Barro unloads on ‘anti-intellectual’ conservatives; ‘Hicks’ fire back

, , , , , ,!/jbarro/status/430547670000611328 That’s Business Insider’s Josh Barro responding to self-described “tech-head” and “data nerd” Patrick Ruffini, who asks:!/PatrickRuffini/status/430537679931846656 Where are the right-wing equivalents to these elite institutions in the United States? Barro believes there aren’t any, because of the “anti-intellectual” nature of American conservatism. Naturally, Barro’s tweet captured the imagination of Twitter conservatives, who decided […]


Hey, GOP ‘wimps’: Here is your minimum wage position in one sentence

, ,!/TheRealPebo/status/436486305586094080 Snort. What prompted that question from National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke?!/charlescwcooke/status/436487878924042241 Just how “controversial” is it?!/ThePlumLineGS/status/436492293403836416!/charlescwcooke/status/436492628176437248 Cooke then offered up some pointed snark:!/charlescwcooke/status/436485565891223552 Snickering madly. Then he rightly gave the business to some spineless Republicans.!/MelissaTweets/status/436486382320488448 Bingo. What should the GOP do? Cooke has the answer.!/charlescwcooke/status/436488639737266177 Ding, ding, ding! […]


Do open carry demonstrations help or hurt gun rights advocates?

, , , , , ,!/bob_owens/status/468571076109549568 As Twitchy reported, Chipotle has officially requested that customers leave their guns at home after an open carry demonstration at the restaurant caught the attention of Moms Demand Action. The anti-gun group called it a victory, as it had recently deemed a “gun sense win” when Jack in the Box pledged to begin enforcing the company’s […]


‘Can a magazine jump a shark?’ The New Republic redefines ‘voter suppression’

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“Didja hear how the GOP is suppressing the vote?” “Dogs? Water cannons?”’ “WORSE. They’re, gasp, LEAVING A DEM ON THE BALLOT!” “…” — Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) September 05, 2014 Welp, give The New Republic points for creativity with this one: Kansas Republicans just invented a new form of voter suppression — New Republic (@NewRepublic) […]


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