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‘Like rabid dogs’: Actor Robert Davi pounds MSM for Christie fixation, letting Dem scandals slide

, , , ,!/conkc2/status/423863713196568576 Mmm … so do we! The media have gone beyond parody with their breathless coverage of the “Bridgegate” scandal. Meanwhile, the IRS has caught been targeting conservative groups, the web of Benghazi lies grows increasingly tangled, and Obamacare is wreaking havoc on people’s lives and the economy. But nary a peep from the lapdog contingent. They’re […]


Christie goes to Hollywood? Julia Louis-Dreyfus announces change on ‘Veep’

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Chris Christie standing behind Donald Trump during his speech last night in Florida sparked many memes and Photoshops, but this one proves that if the politics thing doesn’t work out, Christie might be a good fit on a certain TV show: Perfect! Read more:


Chris Christie issues Bridgegate statement; Lapdogs pounce

, , ,!/BecketAdams/status/421030705683234817 Didn’t have to wait long. With speculation running high about his role in the developing “Bridgegate” scandal, Chris Christie has issued a statement:!/ZekeJMiller/status/421031767005757440!/ZekeJMiller/status/421031929170116609!/ZekeJMiller/status/421031981414350848 What happens next?!/redsteeze/status/421032101551415296 Surprise! Media lapdogs aren’t wasting any time in framing it just right:!/MarkHalperin/status/421033224085991424!/AaronBlakeWP/status/421033669563019264!/mattyglesias/status/421032585075392514!/goldietaylor/status/421031958924099584 So, basically, Christie’s comments on a scandal are […]


Daniel Hannan tells Chris Christie ‘where you made your blunder’

, ,!/DanHannanMEP/status/421075145797537792 Oof! Conservative Party member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan may work overseas, but he was certainly paying attention to the goings-on in D.C. during the shutdown. *** Related: ‘I am outraged and deeply saddened’: Chris Christie issues Bridgegate statement; Lapdogs pounce ‘More trouble than he’s worth’? Chris Christie postpones appearance in the wake […]


‘Dreamers,’ Chris Christie? Gov. draws fire for pandering to illegal immigrants [pic, video]

, ,!/GovChristie/status/420621153829683201 New Jersey already had DREAM Act legislation, and today, Governor Christie ceremonially signed the Immigrant Tuition Act:!/CBSPhilly/status/420620651708178432 The bill, which was actually signed last month, is meant to lower in-state college tuition costs for illegal immigrant students. The governor certainly looks pleased:!/GovChristie/status/420629571386363904 And he’s getting the thumbs-up from some:!/JWO_THRODL/status/420629060973105152!/RobTornoe/status/420621675349020673 But […]


Gov. Chris Christie bids a not-so-fond farewell to retiring David Letterman [pic]

, ,!/tiz71/status/458977229784244224 Devoted fans of David Letterman may be bummed that he’s throwing in the “Late Night” towel, but it doesn’t look like Chris Christie will be shedding any tears:!/GovChristie/status/458976663171133440 *** Related: ‘Professional comedian’ Bill Maher, others drag out Chris Christie fat jokes Twitchy coverage of Chris Christie Read more:


Chris Christie refuses to answer questions about Trump ‘because I don’t want to’

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Chris Christie, who recently endorsed Donald Trump for president, had a limited press conference today during which he had a message for Senate Republicans: At the presser, Christie refused questions about Trump and controversial comments he’s made: Read more:


Katie Pavlich nails the double standard in comparing Bridgegate to Obama’s scandals

, , ,!/KatiePavlich/status/422438750279696384 Pavlich seems to be referring to the N.J. Democrat who said Chris Christie could be impeached over Bridgegate.!/MReallynow/status/422442193719001088 Good question. The ridiculous coverage of Christie on “Meet the Press” was “beyond parody.” Related: Twitchy’s coverage of Chris Christie Read more:


Bruce Springsteen mocks Gov. Chris Christie on Jimmy Fallon’s show [video]

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Chris Christie undoubtedly weeping watching his hero Bruce Springsteen make fun of him with Jimmy Fallon right now. — Matt Binder (@MattBinder) January 15, 2014 Ouch! First Chris Christie got stabbed in the back by his BFF Obama after a federal investigation into “BridgeGate” was announced, and now, his other man crush, Bruce Springsteen, has […]


Snort! Was this Lawrence O’Donnell’s funniest act of self-parody yet?

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Lawrence O'Donnell favorably quoting Rick Santorum to attack Chris Christie. Go home, America. You're drunk. — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) January 16, 2014 What?! @CalebHowe That happened, or people claimed it happened? — Make Guitars not War (@RPFostex) January 16, 2014 Oh, it happened. Watch, read and giggle madly: Lawrence O'Donnell Favorably Features Rick Santorum Quote […]


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