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Chris Matthews claims there are no mass shootings in Europe

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As Twitchy reported this morning, President Obama, in Paris for the internationalclimate talks just weeks after terrorists killed around 130 people, told the assembled world leaders that the sort ofmass shooting like the one in Colorado Springs last week “just doesnt happen in other countries.” We’ve reported before on the unusual number of visits made […]


Chris Matthews: ‘Previous kamikazes’ more patriotic than Karl Rove [video]

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@hardball_chris just called Kamikazes more "patriotic" than @KarlRove. How do they get away with this stuff?? @hardball — T. Ryan Martinez (@T_RyanMartinez) May 14, 2014 Karl Rove caused a stir recently when he suggested that Hillary Clinton’s fall in 2012 could have caused a traumatic brain injury. Chris Matthews was displeased with the former Bush […]


Al Sharpton: GOP worse than apartheid supporters; Chris Matthews agrees [video]

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What a rolling embarrassment. The president sat down with this lunatic. — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) December 6, 2013 Indeed he did. As Twitchy reported the president “came amongst” Tingles Matthews yesterday in a Very Special Interview. But while yesterday’s shenanigans sparked plenty of mockery, today’s should lead to outright disgust. Appearing this morning on “Now With […]


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