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‘Throwing shade:’ What Chris Rock said about T.I. at #BETAwards2014 [photo]!/Charlespyatt/status/483410275631386625 Last month, rapper T.I. and boxer Floyd Mayweather brawled at a Fatburger in Las Vegas over the pugilist’s derogatory comments about the rapper’s wife. The wounds are apparently still raw, because when BET Awards show host took a jab at T.I. earlier tonight with a joke about fighting Mike Tyson, it wasn’t well-received from […]


Chris Rock’s sparks controversy with jokes about 9/11, Boston Marathon

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This opening monologue by Chris Rock on #SNL is a little uncomfortable. Talking Boston marathon bombing and 9/11. — Simon Ostler (@SimonOstler) November 2, 2014 Any humor even tangentially related to 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing is certain to be controversial. Chris Rock’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live proves that. Reaction on Twitter […]


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