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Democrats agree (mostly): #ActOnClimate or children will die

, , , , , ,!/vickmichele/status/473457276020199425 President “Under my plan electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket” Obama announced his new “Clean Power Plant Standards” today, complete with graphics featuring faceless “Julia” type characters. The Democrats began a full court press under the #ActOnClimate hashtag but for the most part they’re steering clear of climate alarmism because voters don’t really care about it. Instead […]


What if Nancy Pelosi held an O-care anniversary presser and nobody came? [pic]

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Pelosi holds presser this morning noting the 4th anniversay of passing the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. — Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) March 20, 2014 At this morning’s presser in honor of the fourth anniversary of Obamacare becoming law (well, sort of), Nancy Pelosi was joined by fellow Dem Chris Van Hollen:!/Alankota/status/446651049093644288 The two of […]


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