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Robert Davi calls on Hollywood to speak up for pastor imprisoned in Iran

, , , , , , ,!/RobertJohnDavi/status/411504229920931840 Actor Robert Davi is fired up, and rightfully so. As reports circulated that nuclear talks with Iran “hit a snag on Friday,” Davi took to Twitter to strongly urge people to speak out about the persecution of Saeed Abedini. The Iranian-American pastor was arrested more than a year ago while visiting Iran and is serving an […]


This Guy’s Boss Has A Heaven’s Gate Death Shroud In The Office…Normal

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For anyone old enough to remember, the story of the Heaven’s Gate religious organization is more than a little disturbing. To refresh your memory, Heaven’s Gate is what many would consider to be a religious suicide cult. Its members believed that Earth was on the verge of being destroyed, and that humanity’s only chance for […]


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