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Chris Hayes speculates what could turn #ShawShooting into ‘massive scandal’

, , ,!/STLAbuBadu/status/520067712333000704 South St. Louis residents took to the streets last night after an 18-year-old black male was shot and killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer who was working security for a private firm at the time. Some claimed the man who was shot was holding a sandwich which was mistaken for a gun. […]


Chris Hayes gets called on his Ebola ‘lie’

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Last night, Chris Hayes interviewed the Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Sophie Delaunay to talk about Gov. Chris Christie and the quarantine of Ebola health worker Kaci Hickox. And after the segment, Hayes tweeted out this summary of his chat with Delaunay: So @MSF has had 3300 staff rotate through W Africa caring for Ebola […]


A day later, Chris Hayes admits ‘dead body’ in Ferguson wasn’t really dead

, , , , ,!/cjayconrod/status/501419836476383233 Yes, he finally followed-up. As Twitchy reported, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes posted an inflammatory tweet with no context Sunday night. He claimed to have seen what “appears to be a dead body” on a street in Ferguson.!/chrislhayes/status/501222222598774784 Now, more than half a day later after the misinformation was spread and retweeted over 4,500 times, […]


‘Figure that all out on your own’? Chris Hayes has an epiphany about gov’t fail

, , ,!/AdamBaldwin/status/516725662754021376 Stop the presses! Chris Hayes has just made a shocking discovery: Here's a pattern I've noticed: some security screw-up happens. Agency in charge says "Not our fault, we need more power! New policies!" — Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes) September 29, 2014 Whoa. We’re gonna need a minute to process this. [email protected] [slow clap] — David […]


Riots have ‘officially gone too far’: Chris Hayes threatened with mace

, , , ,!/chrislhayes/status/501207921381109763 MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is in the thick of it in Ferguson, Missouri.!/Politicolnews/status/501208225501691904!/explanoit/status/501208498131070976!/lweatonNC/status/501209568022921217!/BlackAndRight/status/501211959770218496 But wait. It gets even worse.!/redsteeze/status/501210157372948481!/HighCapThinker/status/501208985274683394!/MattBruenig/status/501209473403584512 Heh. Read more:


‘Shameful sh*t’: Chris Hayes slams Obama’s potential ambassador to Argentina

, , , , , , , ,!/une_avalanche/status/431861876918472704 Mark this day on your calendars, folks. For today, Chris Hayes has some harsh words for the Obama administration:!/chrislhayes/status/431861447237197825 From Talking Points Memo: A bundler for President Barack Obama who is nominated as the next U.S. ambassador to Argentina said Thursday that he’s never actually been to that country. During a Senate Foreign […]


LOL: Chris Hayes tries to be a sporty guy; Guess what happened (Hint: Fail)

, , , , ,!/RobProvince/status/517289021341712384 Never forget what? Well, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was watching the Kansas City Royals win their first playoff game in decades. THE KC ROYALS WON THEIR FIRST PLAYOFF GAME IN 29 YEARS! ⚾️ — TVU SPORTS (@TVUSports) October 1, 2014 Here’s Hayes. @DouthatNYT dude. We're gonna be watching the game *while our kids wake […]


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