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Forget ISIS, Hagel says DoD must be ‘pro-active’ on climate change

, , , , , ,!/RightGlockMom/status/521752781183791104 Radical Islam is on the march but our Secretary of Defense appears to be taking direction from White House juice boxers about national security issues. “A changing climate will have real impacts on our military & the way it executes its missions.” —Hagel: #ActOnClimate — The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 13, 2014 @WhiteHouse tone […]


Obama’s trip to MacDill ‘strictly about national security’; promise no ‘combat mission’ for U.S. forces

, , , , , , ,!/WhiteHouse/status/512275561327370240 The president has wrapped up meetings at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa on the fight against ISIS, and is giving a quick address to an assembled gathering of troops. Of note, there was no golf, fundraising or a meeting with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on this visit: "but this trip is said to […]


Chuck Hagel tries, fails to clean up Obama’s ‘manageable’ mess

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If it's so clear this is what Obama said, why didn't he actually say it? — Drew McCoy (@DrewMTips) September 3, 2014 As Twitchy reported, President Obama revealed his super-strategic strategy for dealing with ISIS: Shrinking ISIS down “to the point where it is a manageable problem.” Because terrorists are people to be “managed.” This […]


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